Winthrop Public Schools

Winthrop Public Schools Administrative Offices 
Town Hall 1 Metcalf Square


Monday-Thursday 8am to 4pm
Friday 8am to 3:30 pm 

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Lisa Howard 1 Metcalf Square
617 846-5500, ext. 7110
617 539-0891 FAX 

Pupil Personel Services 

Jen O’Connell, Director
372 Main Street
617 329-3065
617-539-0271 FAX 

Winthrop School Committee 

Dawn Sullivan, Chairman
Brian Perrin, Vice Chairman
Laura Callis
Valentino Capobianco
William Holden
Ron Vecchia
Russ Sanford, Town Council President 

Winthrop High School

Matt Crombie, Principal
400 Main Street
617-539-4463 FAX 

Winthrop Middle School

Brian Curley, Principal 
60 Payson 
617-207-3449 FAX

Arthur T. Cummings Elementary School

Ryan Heraty, Principal
40 Hermon Street
617-846-5543, ext. 4511
617-846-6559 FAX 

Gorman/Fort Banks Elementary School 

Ilene Pearson, Principal
101 Kennedy Street
617-846-5509, ext. 3511
617-539-0271 FAX 

Food Service 

Ian Kay, Director
40 Hermon Street
614-846-5543 ext. 4531 

Northeast Metro Vocational High School

Ilene Pearson, Principal 
101 Kennedy Street 
617-846-5509, ext. 3511 
617-539-0271 FAX 

David BiBarri, Superintendent
100 Hemlock Road
Wakefield, MA 01880


21st Century Community Learning Center

The mission of Winthrop’s 21st Century Community Learning Center is to support the Winthrop Public Schools by meeting the needs of children and families of Winthrop through academic and social opportunities that enhances school day learning nec.essary for lifelong success.  Winthrop’s 21st Century Community Learning Center strives to: provide after school enrichment classes four days a week that focus on academic skills connected to learning in the classroom in math and literacy; to assist students in meeting state standards; provide a safe and nurturing environment for students, and promote positive peer and adult relationships.

21st CCLC Office 
40 Hermon Street 617 846-5543, ext.4108